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Price List

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Product Name License Version Price
1.Single User4.0.0$29.90

-//-Family Pack$39.90
-//-Small Business$69.90
1 Year Free Updates--
1 Year Updates$2.90
2 Years Updates$3.90
3 Years Updates$6.90
Lifetime Updates$12.90
2.Single User3.0.0$39.90

-//-Family Pack$79.90
-//-Small Business$129.90
1 Year Free Updates--
1 Year Updates$5.99
2 Years Updates$7.90
3 Years Updates$10.90
Lifetime Updates$13.90
3.Single User1.1.0$499.95
2 Years Free Updates--
3 Years Updates$59.90
5 Years Updates$99.90
Lifetime Updates$129.99
4.Single User2.0.0$12.90

-//-Family Pack$22.90
-//-Small Business$42.90
1 Year Free Updates--
1 Year Updates$2.99
2 Years Updates$4.99
3 Years Updates$6.99
Lifetime Updates$9.90
Select: All, None