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  • Having spent many fruitless hours trying to find a simple, user-friendly motion detection programm I finally found 'HomeGuard'. What's a godsend!! I am now...
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Welcome to Security Guard Systems!

Security Guard Systems (SGS)™ is a trusted, international software company. We have dedicated ourselves to providing cost effective, professional and reliable software security systems for professional and home use.

Security Guard Systems helps to save your time and efforts on protecting your home or business from unauthorized access and break-ins. We provide control systems, video motion detectors and many other services. You could control access to secure areas in your home, office or even outside.

In today's competitive market this is a key to success. Security Guard Systems provides you with excellent service and support. Our commitment, dedication and knowledge will help take away a lot of troubles with finding security solutions and allow you, our client, to focus on what is most important - your family and business.

Make your world safer with us!

Download and Try Latest Versions!

Free Edition
Standard Edition
Developer Edition
Free version for Testing and
Training purposes
(Free of Cost)
The original General-Purpose motion detection software with a standard set of
features (39.90 USD)
Source included, allows you to integrate SGS HomeGuard into any other program and develop more features
(499.95 USD)

How Motion Detection Works for You

  • Security system for your house, office or store
  • Use webcams and IP cameras to monitor and record snapshots
  • Automation for quality insurance
  • View all event history with photo snaps
  • Configure cameras for viewing and monitoring
  • Schedule recording to begin and end automatically
  • Supports different camera models and USB webcam
  • Supports on-board video input and frame grabbers
  • No skills required, super simple to use

Fast and Friendly Technical Support

We are very aware of the difficulties you face with computing and using our software, and we will always make sure you get the answers to your questions. Please don't hesitate to send us any comment or suggestion you may have about our software. Visit the Support Center page for products support resources, and the Contact Us page to get in touch with us.